Live wild“, a sentiment and vocal line that needs a convincing arrangement, and boy, does it get one. Monogem‘s delivery is utterly bewitching.

Some artists get across exactly what they aiming fin the immediate second their songs begin. And what a joy Monogem aka Jen Hirsch songs are to listen to. Highly polished, lustful, bursting with youthful energy and infused with her native Californian laid back groove that is simply irresistible. Here is an artist that positively radiates passion.

The new ‘100%‘ EP, which follows 2015’s self-titled debut EP, is a lust-for-life sophomore set of 5 songs that mixing electro fuzz and twinkle with those guitars that reverberate forever and beats that ooze a slow dance in a near pitch black club. On the third track ‘Wild‘, she belts out the immortal line, “life’s too short to not live wild“. And we believe her.

Elsewhere on ‘I Am‘ and opening track ‘Realise‘, Hirsch‘s vocals are as poignant as Elizabeth Fraser‘s, on a beautiful minimalist landscape, whilst on ‘Gone‘, there is nowhere to go but dance to this addictive electro soul. The diamond on this EP has to be the aforementioned ‘Wild‘ with a melody to die for in front of a wall of neo-1980’s Neneh Cherry funk minimalism. It quite simply makes you feel amazing.

This is ambient electro-pop with a soul as big as a house and an ability to make us hit that repeat button again and again.

The EP ‘100%‘ is out now