Sometimes when you stick a song on, you know in the first millisecond that it is an absolute corker. Pat Kiloran‘s neo-chill groove wash ‘Famous 4 U‘ is just that.

Kiloran and producer Brendan St. Gelais have created something intricate and special, whilst something immediate and absolutely captivating. A fantastically danceable low-end accompanied by angular guitars, 80’s synthesiser sounds and a melody to die for. But it’s not all about the music. Kiloran‘s emotive and honest lyrics are what really make this tick; Delivering them with a confessional and highly emotional lilt. This honest approach seems to be what sets this hugely talented artist apart from the rest. He was quoted as saying;

“There’s no point in trying to present people with songs that aren’t honest about who you are and where you are at in your life. It would be stupid of me to put out songs talking about all the girls I love or how rockstar my life is. I’m poor. I’m married and have two kids. I have really bad anxiety. And I am an artist. These are songs coming from this place. My house, my bed, my studio, my ideals.”

Coming off of his well-received debut EP “I Know Everything That You’ve Done,” Kiloran entered 2017 releasing his new R&B meets synth-pop single, “Another Lover.” Featuring the additional vocals of The Voice‘s Jordy Searcy, “Another Lover” set out to bring a sense of everyday idealism to the often sensual and surface world of pop music and was met with critical praise.

Famous 4 U‘ is out now.