On their debut single ‘Velvet Bubblegum‘, Somerset based UK rockers Turner unleash a double barreled shot of adrenaline and passion. Infectious choruses and power-house machine drums to accompany firework guitars. In their own words, “This is cheap medication“, for a dance, for a moment of rapture, for empowerment.

Inspired by the mass reading of dystopian literature you can thoroughly hear the otherworldly and ethereal undertones that sit on top of this wall of rock and roll. Singer Molly Dibley‘s vocals are evocative and precise, finding it easy to go between sensual whispers and spitting anger at the turn of a switch. It is an instantly appealing timbre, and perhaps this promising bands best and most immediate weapon.

“Dwelling in the heart of the Somerset countryside, Turner are an eclectic blend of hard-hitting indie rock and electronic vibes who are here to have a good time!

And that is good enough for us. If Velvet Bubblegum does one thing, whether in the writing process or the end result, it is abundantly clear that it is pure unadulterated fun from start to finish.

Velvet Bubblegum‘ the single is out now.