Ghost” by Husky stopped me in my tracks. I couldn’t put my finger on it at first, but then it hit me; the chords are perfect. The chords and the vocal sentiments work perfectly in tandem in a world of hopes and dreams and pain and love; “All my plans are splinters in the fire now. I’m gonna sit right here until you come back down.

Some of the best songwriters and storytellers are able to put down on paper exactly what they feel and it comes to life so clearly. Husky do this so well. When the minor chords and mystery of the verses open up to an exhilarating and stadium chorus, it all becomes clear that is a special song, like a hazy and drunk ‘Dancing In The Dark‘ waking early and wandering the dawn streets seeing the beauty and the fear.

After a year-long absence from Australian shores, the Melbourne duo return with a swag of stories. “Ghost” the second taste of their album after their 2016 single “Late Night Store‘, further solidifies the band as one to watch, for their effortlessly assured, folk-influenced brand of alternative rock.

Punchbuzz“, the 3rd Studio album from Husky is out now.