Have you ever had it when the first few chords of a song really just hook you in? As you get older (and grumpier) this happens less and less, but I can safely say in the first few seconds of listening to Joy Downer‘s ‘Goddammit‘ I was utterly captivated.

Following debut single ‘Caught in your Spell‘ and it’s follow-up ‘ Stranger Places‘, Goddammit‘ is a 21st-century doo-wop classic. Taking what was great from all of those 50’s vocal groups, and adding groove, ambience and a shed-load of sass, ‘Goddammit‘ is sleek, cinematic and performed beautifully.

Joy Downer is the new project from Joy Bishop and Jeff Downer, a married duo out of Los Angeles, CA. Inspired by duality; themes of light and dark, man and woman, mind and matter collide to set the backdrop of the sound.

I been wearing your shirt, now it’s covered in wine….Making me feel things, tugging my heartstrings…I don’t wanna feel.” Great couplets, straight out of the great The Platters and The Drifters songs of the 50’s, oozing emotion and heart-ache. “Goddammit” is a goddamn classic.

All three songs appear on Joy Downer‘s debut EP ‘Radio Dreamer‘.