If a song has one rule for success, is that it has to do something to you. It doesn’t have to always be beautiful or delve into the deepest realms of social consciousness, and sometimes the best songs can’t be explained to its greatness, they just are. This is “Renegades” by The Magnettes, and this is one of those very songs.

The Magnettes first wowed us with their single ‘Killers in the Ghost Town‘ which has since found its way onto their debut album ‘Ugly Youth‘ along with this absolute gem. Rebecka Digervall, Sanna Kalla and Tomas Bäcklund Thuneström explain their musical ethic: “Why does beautiful have to be the standard? Why can’t anything that is not totally perfect be cool? We have no regrets. We’re saying exactly what we want to say”.

Their sentiment couldn’t be more perfect for this ballsy and joyful musical statement. Full of groove, thick wall synths, firework drums, surprising structure changes, and a sky is the limit sensibility towards their songs.

The band say of this latest release: “This is about getting bruised up on one of those Northern summer nights when the sun never goes down. Vittula, mentioned in the second verse, is the traditional name of a part of Pajala where people had lots of babies. The literal translation of it is The Pussy Moor‘.”

You know what, I think we’ll end there, and let this cannonball of a pop song speak for its self in joyous abandon.

The Magnette‘s debut album ‘Ugly Youth‘ is out now.