One of the things on my to-do-list for next time I am in Los Angeles is definitely to catch Sidizen King live. Since we initially featured him last year and then followed it up with an excellent interview I’ve been keeping a keen eye on his progress.

The thing about Sid is his tracks seem to appeal to both people whom I consider casual listeners and those who are true music aficionados. Take “Stuck In The Middle” which blends electronic elements with an uplifting hip hop message. It’s the kind of track you can listen to a few times in a day without ever growing bored. and while its breezy vibe sweeps you away you are exposed to some conscious lyrics. Elsewhere, the more recent track “When The Drugs Don’t Work” is a more straightforward r&b and rap hybrid offering introspective vocals and an overall deeper message.

Every year should be Sidizen King‘s year.