B.Miles, née Brenda Miles, earned significant online buzz and radio attention with the release of her debut EP ‘Twenty Fifteen‘ that same year. Recorded in what she describes as an old storage unit-turned-recording studio on the remote ends of Brooklyn this little release grew and grew.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is a fairly cliched adage but in this case, it rings true as the same team of people went to the same spot in 2017 to work on what was to become the second self-titled EP. The results are remarkable and possibly exceed the high expectations set by its predecessor.

Take “Typical Words” as an example, a track that ripples with grace and cool. While the production is often sparse there is a feeling that every sound serves a purpose with the vocals remaining ethereal throughout.

Elsewhere “Rude” maintains a similar confident vocal line but with a much more noir and dramatic vibe, courtesy of the stylistic strings track. Electronic and organic elements clash and combine further serving to highlight the mesmerising vocal performance. This one could easily be an unreleased Bond theme.

Overall the ‘B.Miles‘ EP sounds like the work of someone who has a clear stylistic vision and knows how to achieve it. Here’s to hoping there will be many more trips to that Brooklyn storage unit.

The 5-track self-titled EP by B.Miles is out now!