Longtime readers of this blog will know by now that we have a half-baked theory that there is something very sinister with the water in Norway. Whatever it is it produces amazing musicians. Case in point is the upliftingly named trio Great News.

The psych-pop band had already started making waves with their previous releases but “Never Get My Love” represents a big-fuck-off tsunami of a track. Right from the get-go with its percussive pattern and sublime bass intro you know you are getting an irresistible flow. Soon thereafter the track introduces some sharp riffs and cool as ice vocals and the track comes to life flowing out of the speakers with an undoubted cocksure strut that tears apart anything in its tracks. By the time the huge chorus shows up preceded by, I shit you not, tropical steel drums, you know the track has no intention of letting you out of its grasp.

Never Get My Love” is taken from the album ‘Wonderfault” which is due out real soon.