Earlier this year we featured Lauren Ruth Ward‘s fantastic Did I Offend You?”, a track that shines both for its vintage charm and a stellar vocal performance from Lauren herself.

New single “Well, Hell” is an entirely different proposition crashing in unexpectedly like a tornado from the get-go. The track takes the passion and energy of Patti Smith with the sarcasm and ability to produce a head-worm of Courtney Barnett. Unlike those two artists, whom I must stress I completely adore, Lauren can also boast a superb vocal ability and range that is simply magnetic.

She says of this track:

“Well Hell is an autobiographical song that deals with frustrations, both with my upbringing and with society as a whole, that have long been forgiven but not forgotten. Even though it’s one of the shorter songs in length on the record, there’s a lot that I’m letting off my chest in those three minutes, so much so that I feel the need to thank the listener for allowing me to unload”

In this case, we are kinda thankful that these frustrations were released cathartically through a 3-minute burst of energy. It is also interesting to note that even at her most combative and confessional her response is determined but never out of focus.

And if all of the above doesn’t convince you then you should know that she namedrops Elvis, Sinatra and Bowie on this one. Go on, give it a listen.

Hell, No” by Lauren Ruth Ward is out.