Firstly we need to put our hands up and admit to a huge delay in covering this. Suffice to say the writer who was originally assigned this is no longer with us.

The original “Come Around” by MOONZz showcases a sublime vocal performance over a driving scattered keyboard track. For all intensive purposes, it’s as good a pop song as you will hear in this era and the thousands upon thousands of plays are a testament to that. It takes some guts to mess around with such a tight formula but Niko Blank steps up and does it without batting an eyelid.

Forgoing some of the originals syncopated synths in favour of some tight string and piano arrangements and the right dose of drama he succeeds in building the song up and up for the inevitable drop, which is also handled with aplomb. Better still MOONZz vocals somehow sound more powerful on this version literally pouncing out of the speakers.