It’s hard not to get tied up by the sonic textures that Midnight Snack‘s “Left Right” weaves. It’s even harder not to fall in love with the track, and as a result, the band making it once you see the “live from the woods” rendition by videographer Andrew Anderson.

This new version we are premiering today forgoes some of the intricacies present on the original recording in favour of a more immediate and honest sound. In just over five minutes the quintet somehow appears fierce and vulnerable at the same time. Jack Victor stares intently from behind his drums as he leads his companions with deceivingly catchy vocal melody. The track builds tension courtesy of some neat interplay between Mike Henry Johnson and Zack Kardon on guitars and Peter Brownlee on bass before inevitably delivering a glorious climax in the form of the instantly memorable chorus. The latter is rendered all the stronger by the addition of Katie Richter‘s vocals which contrast brilliantly with everything has come before.

Formed in Boston in 2014 the band relocated to Asheville, NC where they built a studio in their shared house. This was also the place where they recorded their third full-length ‘Child’s Eyes‘ and the intimate setting is no doubt reflected in the band’s sound.

The album ‘Child’s Eye’” is out now