Steen Thottrup has been releasing music as far back as ’91 before settling on his particular blend of downtempo bliss. His style is synonymous with the Cafe del Mar and Buddha Bar compilation series and it’s easy to see why he is one of the most featured artists on that release.

On his latest single “Rising Like The Sun” taken from the much praised ‘Balearic Bliss‘ album, the Danish producer delivers another pièce de résistance built on layers of stylistic precision, rippling beats and moody undercurrents. The track sees the return to the fold of longtime collaborator Denver Knoesen and his restrained performance sits perfectly on the edge between ominous and fragile.

Steen says of the song explains:

“From the first chord and the first word I knew this track would develop in a different way to my previous productions. I have for the last few years listened, more than ever, to daytime radio as well, and I really found it so inspiring to hear the diversity played and appreciated by people. For example bands like London Grammar, Lana Del Rey and folk-inspired productions got me curious to try out and do a radio version suitable for daytime radio. I think my ‘Rising Like the Sun’ does come across as a mix of inspirations, but hopefully also, with a captivating feel. But that is obviously not for me to judge, I will leave that to others and hopefully they will like it like I do of course 🙂 I’m just glad to try some new ways in this vast world of music.”

Balearic Bliss‘ is out now.