Do you know that feeling when a song is stuck in your head as you are going to sleep and is still there when you wake up the next morning? “Don’t Call Me Baby” by Luke Rathborne had me doing just that… over several nights.

By all accounts, the track draws inspiration from Roy Orbison‘s “Pretty Woman” at the very least in structure and instrumentation it feels like this track forgoes some of the bravado and innuendo of its influence in favour of a more earnest heart on sleeve approach.

The singer/songwriter has come a long way since relocating from his home in Maine to Brooklyn and it feels like this personal journey is there for the fans to see in his music. Having won praise from some of the biggest names in the music press as well as amassing millions of plays on his previous effort Luke has now teamed up with Ribbon Music for his newest release and we are looking forward to them pushing his music further afield.

Don’t Call Me Baby” was co-produced by Claudius Mittendorfer and Luke Rathborne and features Darren Will on bass and Jamie Alegre on drums, with additional synths by Jimmy Giannopoulos. The track is out now!