We last checked in with Paliki almost exactly a year ago to this date when the Italian “post-wave” outfit released its debut single and video “Tension“. It is, therefore, fitting for us to return to them as they prepare to release of their debut album with the rather excellent track “Radiornot“.

Preceded by a fun and irreverent social media campaign which saw the band match funny phrases in the build-up to the release “Radiornot” is the rockiest track we have heard from the Italians to date. The video follows the band’s DIY ethos and sees frontman Mariano slowly lose the plot as the track progresses and with more than a subtle hint to 80s video games and the era’s aesthetic there’s plenty to love about it.

With the band set to release their full length later this year and a European tour also on the horizon, I suspect we’ll be hearing more from this crazy bunch.

The single “Radiornot” is out now.