Producer Gelivan relocated to the small Spanish town of Rodalquilar in the spring of 2017. Renowned for its gold mines the quiet setting was the ideal place to work on the tracks that would become the Rodalquilar Sessions. Having always wanted to collaborate with Belgian MC Pierre Citron they set out to record 6 tracks in 6 days of which 4 would make the final cut.

Doin Fine” is our introduction to this project and it really serves to convey the tranquillity of the surroundings the duo were recording in. The track is a possible lament to simpler times when fake news and social media didn’t drive the public debate. However, while the topic may seem heavy to swallow it’s delivered in a soothing way that allows it to work itself into your brain.

With its dreamlike beat and laid back rhymes, the track floats through the speakers in spellbinding fashion.