With a name like Have You Ever Seen the Jane Fonda Aerobics VHS? I knew I had to check out this band before I even heard a single note. Fortunately, their creative output is on par with their inspired name.

Sheep” is a seven-minute epic taken from the quirkily titled ‘Jazzbelle 1984/1988and initially offers an instantly catchy and contagiously optimistic groove built on surf guitars and organs and sugar sweet vocal melody. The saccharine sweet vocals allegedly describe an irrational fear of being molested by a goat or sheep in your sleep but realistically these Finns could be singing about something as mundane as sorting our their recycling and it would still sound essential.

The latter half of the track takes on a life of its own introducing a darker twist to the three pieces repertoire. The fun bubblegum sound is shed in favour of an epic singalong that wouldn’t feel out of place in a stadium.

It’s this multifaceted approach that will no doubt have you coming back for more.