Cherophobiac is the chosen moniker Alexandra Sullivan has picked for her new alternative-electronica project. A quick google search suggests this is the fear of happiness and while that certainly sounds a little bleak to the casual listener I for one embrace the New York-based songwriters melancholic approach.

Citing the likes of Kate Bush, Depeche Mode and Björk as her influences, Sullivan certainly has mastered the emotiveness that has distinguished these stars. There is a contemplative nature to her releases thus far that leaves you feeling like you are eavesdropping on a private conversation.

she has recently released the track “Lull” having previously shared”Prayer Hands“, a track that gives “Mr Sandman” by The Chordettes a run for its money, as well as “Surgery” which sits somewhere in that froggy space when you are emerging from a dream. These tracks are taken from her forthcoming debut album and while they each offer something a little different it’s refreshing to hear an artist with such a clear idea of their aesthetic.

This is not quite feel-good music but it’s ultimately a cathartic experience for the listener and hopefully for Cherophobiac too.