Feb 27 2015

Mutado Pintado – 336 W 17th ST

336 W 17th ST Mulato PintadoEclectic‘ is one of those overused words that musos love to hate, but it would be hard to describe Mulato Pintado’s new album without letting that pesky adjective sneak in here and there.

Ranging from Hip Hop to Indie to Garage Rock with Pop overtones and Electronica, the rather awkwardly named ‘336 W 17th ST‘ is as multifaceted as it’s hard to describe – a musical journey through New York City‘s underbelly, peppered with potholes, traffic jams and U-turns.

It’s as if Lemon Jelly and The Pixies moved to the ghetto and gave birth to a multiheaded baby doped up on anxiety medication.

Mutado Pintado, AKA Clams Baker, is a mystery man of many talents, with fingers in many pies – he’s the vocalist in vinyl-only word-of-mouth electro success story Paranoid London, frontman in Warmduscher alongside Saul and Jack of Fat White Family, and vocalist in Save – his collaboration with Colder‘s Marc Nguyen Tan.

Scuzzy walls of sound crescendo into a soundtrack for a panic attack, but on the flipside we get moments of real heart, as you can seein the video for ‘The Tick‘ here:

This album is so fluid it’s probably a music marketeer’s worst nightmare. ‘Eclectic‘. And it doesn’t really seem like Pintado gives a flying fuck.

Officially out on March 2nd, it’s already up for streaming in full on Soundcloud. If I were you, I’d go and have a listen, the opening track, ‘King of the Worker Bees‘, is a great place to start.


Feb 7 2015

Weekend Videos: Lucille Crew – Big City

It may only be the beginning of February but the mighty Lucille Crew have released a contender for video of the year. With it’s irresitible horns and memorable call and answer refrain “Big City” is a firm favourite in the 9-piece behemoth’s live set and now has a worthy video to accompany it.

Lucille Crew return to Europe for shows this summer. The much awaited debut “Lucille Crew: 9 Lives” will officially be released in early 2015.



Feb 3 2015

Angel Haze new single “Candles”

Angel Haze candles

I have loved Angel Haze‘s ever since she was dropping mixtapes and rapping on Eminem beats. Dropping her debut album while the credits where already rolling on 2013 meant she missed out on all those year end lists which is a shame because ‘Black Gold‘ was full of great moments.

If you have been keeping up with her on social media recently you will know she has been hinting at some new music for a few weeks now. Finally she’s released new track “CANDLXS” yesterday. Kicking off with a display of her rapping prowess the Troy Noka produced track then gives way to an eery indian flute sample which allow Haze to showcase her singing skills as well.

CANDLXS” is the lead off track from Angel Haze’s new EP ‘In The Winter Of Wet Years‘, can’t wait to hear more!




Jan 25 2015

The Survival Code release free “Living A Lie” download single

The Survival Code is an Irish-ish Alt-Rock outfit based in London. They’re new on our radar and we’re happy to stick em’ on yours. TSC present an intense, crisp, no-messin’, siddahn an shut yer face style of rock which if nothing else will avert your attention for 3 minutes and 32 seconds.

There’s a wave /raft /Noah’s Arc /shit-storm of ‘Alt-Bands’ around at the moment. Most are young black haired raven-types who’s tunes are permeated with laptops and the clitches of Chaos Pads. The Survival Code, have a slightly more ‘grown-up’ feel about them. Not sure if that’s a great thing in this day and age, but perhaps their music is going to appeal to the more ‘serious’ affectionados, rather than the achingly cool youngun’s who might flit from one buzz band to the next.

Fans of Mallory Knox and YMAS should also get stuck in to this…. Listen and download it for free below.


Jan 24 2015

Money For Rope release “Easy Way Out” Single


Having achieved notable success in their native Australia, “Rock’n’Roll Surf Garage” collective Money For Rope serve up their first UK single release in ‘Easy Way Out’. Groove meets grit in this intense laid-back but poignant bluesy, rock number about not topping yourself. That’s good advice.

The music sits somewhere in-between the earthy skuzz of Ty Segall and the surfy haze of The Growlers with a healthy dose of Mando Diao‘s dirty euphoria. There’s also a nice B-Side (still a thing, apparently) in ‘Nova Pilota’ which will have you reminiscing of Vietnam circa 1967 in a purple haze of the Doors.

Also make sure you check out the video for “Easy Way Out” .

An album is scheduled for release early 2015 – get amongst it



Jan 16 2015

CM Top Albums of 2014: Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence

lana del rey ultraviolence

Lana Del Rey‘s ‘Ultraviolence‘ told the tale of the further demise of the Hollywood dreamers fate. In beautiful and powerful ballads, the characters tale of failed romance and crushed dreams is melancholic yet almost a reinforcement on the themes of ‘Born to Die‘. One more album in this vein could show Lana Del Rey is not a character but a true reflection on Lizzy Grant.

Words by Sam



Jan 4 2015

CM Top Albums of 2014: Acollective – Pangea

Acollective Pangea
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Jan 3 2015

CM Top Albums of 2014: Against Me! – ‘Transgender Dysphoria Blues’

Against Me Transgender Dysphoria Blues
Against Me!
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