Apr 9 2015

Rosie And The Goldbug new single ‘Running In The Dark’


Rosie and the Goldbug return with new single and EP ‘Running in The Dark‘, out May 4, after a few years of going into hiding – and the result is an explosion of colourful quirky fun.

Synth-laden electropop is not usually the first thing that comes to mind upon mention of Cornwall, but Rosie and The Goldbug combine camp beats with hints of Kate Bush and Goldfrapp that feel more at home on the dancefloor than on the beach.

Sparkly as magpies on LSD, ‘Running in the Dark‘ is at once silly and catchy, but Rosie Vanier‘s striking vocals tie it together and stop it from spilling over into sickly territory. Watch the video here:

Whether the new EP will attract as much attention from the critics as their earlier efforts remains to be seen, but us here at Cougar Microbes are definitely looking forward to hearing more.



Mar 15 2015

Weekend Videos: Kosha DIllz – Been Down (Haim Remix)

Kosha Dillz recently unleashed his winning Haim sampling remix of the track “Been Down“. It comes with a suitably laidback video shot in Amsterdam and is well worth a spin.

Kosha is throwing his own official OY VEY! SXSW party on Wednesday 18th featuring acts from all over the world including scheduled performances from the likes of Gangsta Boo and Murs. If you are in Austin this week be sure to attend



Mar 14 2015

Weekend Videos: Acollective – Breakapart

In addition to releasing one of our albums of 2014 Israeli mob Acollective also released their brilliant video for “Breakapart“, one of the standout tracks on said album. How many of the featured records do you recognise?

Acollective are currently on tour, make sure you check out their stellar show!



Mar 12 2015

Conrad Vingoe: Interview + Free Download


Because Conrad Vingoe is such a sterling chap, he’s also given us a free track to give away. Download ‘Hand on my Heart’ Ft. Sarah Howells (of Paper Aeroplanes fame) for free here. The interview follows:

Cougar Microbes: What time did you wake up today? Was it out of choice or necessity?

Conrad Vingoe: 8.30 due to the Elephant children that live upstairs, I went back to bed for another hour as I am exorcising the remnants of man flu

CM: Describe The band to the uninitiated?

CV: Retro Folk/Americana influenced songwriter

CM: How do you kill time on the road, hobbies?

CV: Take a notebook to write down stuff and also addicted to Angry Birds Star Wars and online Scrabble

CM: What have been your favourite venues to play? Any venues you hated?

CV: Something interesting always happens, even in the shittiest venues. Favourites have been Union Chapel (London) and Fotografiska (Sweden).

CM: What is the songwriting process like for you. Are you able to write on the road or do you do this in your off time?

CV: Bits of both, I keep diaries on the road which sometimes end up in songs. Phone recordings are great for remembering ideas. Generally I try to experience on the road, write about it at home.

CM: Favourite track of yours and why?

CV: Well, they’re all my babies but off this album, “Little Things”. All of the album was recorded live to tape by Phill (Brown) and this was a studio “moment” when everything came together instantly. The parts that John (Parker– double bass) and Martyn (Barker– drums) played really worked for me and it has a really cool atmosphere to it. I like the cyclical nature of the song, sounds like you’re eavesdropping on something happening.

CM: If you could record any cover what would it be?

CV: Too many choices but this week anything by Smokey Robinson, maybe “Second that Emotion” in Motown’s old room!

CM: Do your songs go through many revisions via demo recordings?

CV: Not so much , I record things onto a tape 4 track which is pretty unforgiving, either a song works or it doesn’t, no amount of Reverb will fix it. If it doesn’t work I ditch it. Generally I don’t put anything to tape until I have a whole song in my head and I’m happy. There’s notebooks full of crap that didn’t make it though.

CM: What came first, the lyrics or the melody?

CV: Mostly the melody and the syncopation. It’s often sounds of words without being actual words for a while, but sometimes music and words come together

CM: What are your views on auto tune?

CV: Don’t touch it unless you’re Cher

CM: Any other band/bands from your local scene we really should know about?

CV: Loads of great Brighton people – Sharon Lewis, House of Hats, my sometimes band mate Fiddes Smith, the Dials, Lloyd Williams, the list goes on and on

CM: Most flattering thing you’ve read about yourselves?

CV: I had a review once saying I was London’s answer to Neil Young, a ridiculous comparison but it made me feel great for the rest of that day

CM: What was the first record/tape/cd you ever bought?

CV: Actually it was cool, ‘Rock the Casbah‘ by the Clash, then followed by several years of very uncool albums

CM: What was the last song that got stuck in your head?

CV: The one I just said is now stuck in my head

CM: What was the last show you paid and queued up for?

CV: Cat Power in Brighton, no queue though

CM: If you had to bring on artist back from the dead in exchange for sending a living artist down ,which artists would it be and why?

CV: Oh that’s harsh , I wouldn’t wish death on anybody, is it temporary? I’d like to see Billie Holiday sing so let’s resurrect her in exchange for say…Simon Cowell , not technically an artist but I’m liking the swap. Actually let’s make that permanent, never met him but he’s got a lot to answer for.

CM: Lastly, is there any question I should have asked you that I didn’t? And if so what’s the answer?

CV: Answer – You can’t get rid of them, they always come back.

Question – up to you.



Mar 11 2015

Introducing Conrad Vingoe

Tomorrow, then front cover lo

There’s this guy from Brighton, UK, and he’s a really good songwriter. We know this because Acoustic Magazine slapped an award on him for ‘best singer/songwriter’ – and I gather they take these things fairly seriously.

The guy is Conrad Vingoe, and he recently recorded his new album ‘Tomorrow, Then’ with producer Phill Brown (Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Bombay Bicycle Club) live to tape in two days. All sounds so cool, dunnit? Well, it is cool. And so is the first single ‘Fail’, “which just sort of fell out, I like the sense of urgency we captured on the recording. It’s possibly the most literal and autobiographical song on the album”.

We like it too, Conrad. We are putty in your fine-guitar-picking hands. Slaves to your stripped-back honesty, subtle folk-pop hooks and intelligent songwriting.

See the stop-motion video for ‘Fail’

His album ‘Tomorrow, Then’ is out in March. Go get it. Now. Quickly. #whatareyouwaitingfor? Chop chop.

Tune in tomorrow as we interview Conrad and offer a free download.



Feb 27 2015

Mutado Pintado – 336 W 17th ST

336 W 17th ST Mulato PintadoEclectic‘ is one of those overused words that musos love to hate, but it would be hard to describe Mulato Pintado’s new album without letting that pesky adjective sneak in here and there.

Ranging from Hip Hop to Indie to Garage Rock with Pop overtones and Electronica, the rather awkwardly named ‘336 W 17th ST‘ is as multifaceted as it’s hard to describe – a musical journey through New York City‘s underbelly, peppered with potholes, traffic jams and U-turns.

It’s as if Lemon Jelly and The Pixies moved to the ghetto and gave birth to a multiheaded baby doped up on anxiety medication.

Mutado Pintado, AKA Clams Baker, is a mystery man of many talents, with fingers in many pies – he’s the vocalist in vinyl-only word-of-mouth electro success story Paranoid London, frontman in Warmduscher alongside Saul and Jack of Fat White Family, and vocalist in Save – his collaboration with Colder‘s Marc Nguyen Tan.

Scuzzy walls of sound crescendo into a soundtrack for a panic attack, but on the flipside we get moments of real heart, as you can seein the video for ‘The Tick‘ here:

This album is so fluid it’s probably a music marketeer’s worst nightmare. ‘Eclectic‘. And it doesn’t really seem like Pintado gives a flying fuck.

Officially out on March 2nd, it’s already up for streaming in full on Soundcloud. If I were you, I’d go and have a listen, the opening track, ‘King of the Worker Bees‘, is a great place to start.


Feb 7 2015

Weekend Videos: Lucille Crew – Big City

It may only be the beginning of February but the mighty Lucille Crew have released a contender for video of the year. With it’s irresitible horns and memorable call and answer refrain “Big City” is a firm favourite in the 9-piece behemoth’s live set and now has a worthy video to accompany it.

Lucille Crew return to Europe for shows this summer. The much awaited debut “Lucille Crew: 9 Lives” will officially be released in early 2015.



Feb 3 2015

Angel Haze new single “Candles”

Angel Haze candles

I have loved Angel Haze‘s ever since she was dropping mixtapes and rapping on Eminem beats. Dropping her debut album while the credits where already rolling on 2013 meant she missed out on all those year end lists which is a shame because ‘Black Gold‘ was full of great moments.

If you have been keeping up with her on social media recently you will know she has been hinting at some new music for a few weeks now. Finally she’s released new track “CANDLXS” yesterday. Kicking off with a display of her rapping prowess the Troy Noka produced track then gives way to an eery indian flute sample which allow Haze to showcase her singing skills as well.

CANDLXS” is the lead off track from Angel Haze’s new EP ‘In The Winter Of Wet Years‘, can’t wait to hear more!