Jul 21 2014

SKYROADS Release New Double A-side Single

skyroads band image SKYROADS Release New Double A side Single

Fresh from their first ever UK tour, SKYROADS released their disco infused double A-side single “1,2 Steps/ Beyond The Doors” and it proves these boys and gal have a great future ahead of them.

The Tel Aviv based 5-piece channel the spirit of Nile Rodgers through the funk bass backbone of “Beyond The Doors” whilst twinkling synths give a fizzing zest to the dancy track.

1,2 Steps” begins with yet another irresistible bassline built upon with a great sense of restless urgency before the joyous chorus rids the band of all the angst allowing for a free flowing synth line to lead the line to yet more dancy disco infused musicianship. Both tracks are now available on the band’s soundcloud.

Make sure you catch them this autumn when they’ll be bringing their disco rock vibes to Europe and the States.  SKYROADS were born to play live and it won’t be long until we see them across  the biggest stages and festivals.


Post by Sam


doublecougar SKYROADS Release New Double A side Single

Jul 8 2014

Alt-J release first official single from upcoming ‘This Is All Yours’ album

Alt J This Is All Yours album cover Alt J release first official single from upcoming This Is All Yours album

Ever since Alt-J dropped their brilliant debut ‘An Awesome Wave on us back in 2012 we have been wondering what the Cambridge outfit’s next steps would be. Following the release of unofficial single “Hunger Of The Pine” (because that’s what bands do nowadays) we now have the first official single in the form of “Left Hand Free“.

Built on a quasi White Stripes riff “Hunger…” is a lo-fi slow burner that was apparently written in just 20 minutes but kind seems timeless. It sounds like nothing the band released before and raises the expectations for their sophomore album even higher.

This Is All Yours‘ ia suw on September 23rd via Canvasback/Infectious


doublecougar Alt J release first official single from upcoming This Is All Yours album

Jun 29 2014

Big Scary live @ Mercury Lounge, New York City

Big Scs 1024x768 Big Scary live @ Mercury Lounge, New York City

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, I was lucky enough to catch Big Scary at Mercury Lounge in late April, while on their tour around the States promoting their new album ‘Not Art‘. Opening for Say Hi, Tom Iansek and Jo Syme graced the crowd with a mix of new tracks off their aforementioned latest album, such as “Phil Collins,” and “Invest,” alongside some more older upbeat favorites from ‘Vacation‘ including “Gladiator.” A true gem off of the recent album would have to be their first released single “Twin Rivers” which displays Tom‘s phenomenal piano skills. Seeing him slide his fingers across the piano creating an illusive sound of wind chimes is a true display of his mastery of the craft. Continue reading

Jun 24 2014

Employee Of The Year drops Das Racist remix

employeeoftheyear Employee Of The Year drops Das Racist remix

It’s been almost a full year since we last featured Employee Of The Year on these pages and it’s time to make amends. The self proclaimed purveyors of “Slow French“, have been keeping themselves busy with slew of remixes and we have definitely kept notice.

One of their latest gems is a take on Cougar heroes Das Racist on their Jay-Z sampling “All Tan Everything” and we have to admit the Parisian duo has done a bang up job on this one. We’ve also included their reworking of 90′s pop diva Brandy‘s track “Never Say Never“.


doublecougar Employee Of The Year drops Das Racist remix



Jun 19 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Potatohead People

Potatohead People EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Potatohead People

There’s always a surrealism to meeting people after your perception of them has been pre-informed by a body of work. Even more so after you find yourself shadowing them for a haze filled weekend, connecting the dots to between that and their true selves.

Yo, I have all this Israeli prog stuff from the late 70’s I have to show you. Incredible stuff”, says Nate, or AstroLogical as he appears in my iTunes library. “There’s something about that time in music, all over the world, like 73-79, there’s great fusion & prog, like this one band Sheshet, so good, what does that mean in Hebrew?” “Six, or Sixth, I think.” I responded. I imagine myself out of body, being tripped out by the scene where I sit, having one of my favorite producers show me gems from my parent’s native land. “Have you heard of Buttering Trio?” I ask, equally tripped in hipping him to my favorite active Israelis going. I pull something up. “Woah, I’m so into this, I can really hear their soul, this is fantastic”. We peruse their YouTube together on Nick Wisdom’s living room couch oriented near a window in such a way as to mimic your typical diner booth, verifying what I previously knew about his fetish with breakfast.

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Jun 10 2014

Weekend Videos: Kosha Dillz – “What’s Going On Upstairs”

Last time we featured Kosha Dillz we said he was the hardest working man in hip hop and that claim still stands. . When he isn’t freestyling with the likes of A$AP Rocky and Macklemore (the awesome results of which you can see at the bottom of this post)the New Jersey emcee drops some awesome and slightly bonkers videos.

His latest offering “What’s Going On Upstairs” sees Kosha getting himself in all sorts of awkward situations to show some of the crazy shit your neighbours may or may not be getting up to behind closed doors.

This is the 4th single from his excellent 2013 ‘Awkward In A Good Way‘ album, make sure you check it out!

TRACKS: doublecougar Weekend Videos: Kosha Dillz   Whats Going On Upstairs

May 18 2014

Lana Del Rey to release “Ultraviolence” next month

I thought I would be scarred for life after watching the now infamous 2012 SNL incident which left me (and millions) thinking whether Lana Del Rey was in actual fact a fraud. It’s time for me to admit that I’ve secretly appreciated her (recorded) music for a while. I’ve decided to do my “coming out” with this song ­ “West Coast“, the first single from her upcoming album ‘Ultraviolence ‘ (produced by The Black Keys‘ frontman Dan Auerbach).

The song has been out for a while now but the video has just been released and I’m in love with both. She performed the song for the first time at Coachella and I don’t think she could have found a more perfect place to debut her ode to the West Coast. I also need to add that the woman CAN actually sing live.

The lyrics are quite simple ( Let’s face it she’s no Bob Dylan) but it’s that simplicity underneath the apparent fakery that I like about her. All the elements are there to make ‘West Coast‘ a new weapon in her repertoire:: black/white imagery, home video bits, hollywood glamour, romantic lyrics, and of course, a bad boy.

I find this song hauntingly beautiful. It oozes vintage vibes and dark hypnotic sounds, and might actually be my favourite Lana Del Rey song to date. I remember her saying that she would end her career after her first album…. so I’m glad she pulled a Jay-Z on this one.


Post by Olivia



doublecougar Lana Del Rey to release Ultraviolence next month

Apr 15 2014

Frankie Knuckles RIP: A Revolution That Forgot Its Revolutionaries

AfterParadise Frankie Knuckles RIP: A Revolution That Forgot Its Revolutionaries

Frankie Knuckles passed away earlier this month (RIP). Sadly I don’t think I ever caught him live, but I was well aware of his legacy and impact. I enjoyed reading all of the tributes written about him – many from fans and fellow DJs whose lives he changed forever. Even major news outlets like USA Today and The Economist showed their respects to the house music icon, which was genuinely surprising to me. Never before had the history of house been discussed like this in mass media. Chances are it won’t happen again.

The dance music world may have paused momentarily to honor Frankie, but soon the knowledge and appreciation of house’s storied roots will continue to erode at its usual brisk pace due to fading memories, generational turnover, and mortality.

Unlike hip hop, dance music doesn’t have built in acknowledgement. Through name dropping, resurrected rhyme schemes, sampling, and even recycled fashion and iconography, even a casual rap fan will eventually discover the likes of Run DMC, the Sugar Hill Gang and Kurtis Blow. Thanks to rock n roll’s integral role in American culture, any modern rock fan could converse at length about the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix or Bob Dylan.

House music is different. Its story remains largely untold.

While Frankie Knuckles rightfully earned legendary status, many of his deserving peers did not. Ron Hardy, Arthur Russell and Walter Gibbons all died young and have already faded into obscurity, their life’s work completely unknown to the hundreds of millions who currently dance to music they helped create. Others are still alive, but have been relegated to obscurity regardless. Jesse Saunders and Farley Keith will not be having CNN – or even a Grantland – tribute articles written about them.

I remember watching a documentary on house music and learning that a teenaged Paul Oakenfold used to frequent the Paradise Garage and danced to sets by Larry Levan. If it wasn’t for that rare interview, I would have had no idea about the connection between European rave culture and the OG American disco clubs. I was a fan of both artists and a huge music nerd, but even that fact was unknown to me until recently. These days, does your average Ultra or EDC attendee even know who Oakenfold is? Would they even care to learn?

Maybe by its own design, house isn’t meant to be documented or remembered. Cross generational continuity is difficult to maintain in a youth driven dance movement. It didn’t help that many of those early DJs and dancers lived on the fringes of society: black, Latin, gay, and inner city. Seldom do these groups get to write history, and furthermore countless were lost to the AIDS epidemic and drug addiction back in the 80s.

Also, they often say that people dance to forget. As is the case today, to say that those early days of house music were hedonistic (and thus hazy) would be an understatement. That doesn’t mean that the magic that a great house DJ creates on the dance floor is any less real, but just like magic, those moments are fleeting and ethereal. House music blew up and overtook the world, but left precious little standing in its wake.

It’s a revolution that forgot its revolutionists.


Post by Roger Jao



doublecougar Frankie Knuckles RIP: A Revolution That Forgot Its Revolutionaries