Mar 14 2015

Weekend Videos: Acollective – Breakapart

In addition to releasing one of our albums of 2014 Israeli mob Acollective also released their brilliant video for “Breakapart“, one of the standout tracks on said album. How many of the featured records do you recognise?

Acollective are currently on tour, make sure you check out their stellar show!



Feb 7 2015

Weekend Videos: Lucille Crew – Big City

It may only be the beginning of February but the mighty Lucille Crew have released a contender for video of the year. With it’s irresitible horns and memorable call and answer refrain “Big City” is a firm favourite in the 9-piece behemoth’s live set and now has a worthy video to accompany it.

Lucille Crew return to Europe for shows this summer. The much awaited debut “Lucille Crew: 9 Lives” will officially be released in early 2015.



Jan 4 2015

CM Top Albums of 2014: Acollective – Pangea

Acollective Pangea
Acollective‘s name is rather apropos considering the 7-piece’s’s dynamic line up that sees members playing instruments across the board. A lot has happened for the Israeli outfit in the 3 years since their debut ‘Onwards‘, including performances at SXSW and Glastonbury, but their latest offering ‘Pangea‘ may well represent their defining moment.

Over the space of 12 songs the band offer an array of directions without ever sounding like they are losing the plot. As such the transition from the detached and introspective opener “OTM” into the band’s legitimate stormer “Breakapart” and back to their enticingly delicate “Happiest Of Memorial Days” does not sound forced but rather refreshingly varied.With so much goodness on display within the first 3 tracks it is almost impossible to pick a standout moment but Pangea, like the continent it is named after, moves along in unision screaming for repeat listens.



Oct 13 2014

Weekend Videos: NETA – “Silly Life”

Haunting vocals blend with an electronic downtempo rhythm in NETA’S single, “Silly Life”. A taste of his upcoming project, “Heroes in a Tale”, the song and its video reflect the depth of an artist at his ripest, delivering artistic, poetic and emotional maturity with a shot of irony. Pastel wallpaper is interrupted by the unmoving stare of eyes that have seen the world spin many times over. Sweet lyrics of forgiveness and freedom are contrasted by symbolism of human instinct at its rawest. “Silly Life” and its visual discussion of satiety give insight to a project that follows a hero starring in the tale of his own incredible musical life and spiritual journey.

NETA’s musical journey was sparked by one of the purest of relationships – childhood friendship. NETA grew up and later worked with musical icons Rami Fortis, and Berry Saharov. Together they toured Europe in the 80s and 90s, after which he settled in Amsterdam’s bustling music scene. Years of musical exploration soon lead to NETA’s first solo project. It was released five years ago under the pseudonym “The Alchemystique”, garnering critical appraise in addition to airtime on Israeli national TV and radio.

Several years of personal turmoil arose following his success, leading to hardship and quiet. Nevertheless, NETA chose to become the hero of his own tale, and soon he met his match. “I am usually the master of destruction. But this time, she destroyed me.” The woman who destroyed NETA is the woman responsible for his destruction and his emotional and musical rebirth. In interview, NETA has described his wife as the ultimate push, yet also the ultimate support for both his personal and artistic transformation manifested in his debut single video for “Silly Life”.

The album is a culmination of electronic elements with influence from a vast array of artists covering Bowie to Garbage, Zepplin to Jeff Beck, and Zero7 to Lana Del Rey – with everyone in between. Renowened Israeli producer Eyal Katzav has co-mixed and mastered the album, which also features brilliant drummer Boaz Wolf and phenomenal vocalist Doron Talmon.

“Heroes In A Tale” is due in November 2014, “Silly Life” is out now.


Post by Betty



Aug 25 2014

Weekend Videos: Dorine Levy – “Lenyrose”

It’s very hard to describe Dorine Levy in terms of genre. Words like ethereal and celestial are too generalising, and comparing the sound to Bjork or Sigur Ros would be lazy. Sure, there are effected guitars and filmic ambience but what I’m trying to say is there is something entirely unique about Levy’s vocals and the creations she inhabits.

Lenyrose“, a single taken from Levy’s excellent debut LP is as beautiful as Elizabeth Fraser fronting the aforementioned Sigur Ros. It’s hypnotic rhythms and twinkling melodies are both captivating and beguiling in equal measure.

Levy’s artistic and brilliant take on indie pop saw her debut single at 16 years old sell over 50,000 units worldwide and since then has seen her 2008 EP picked up by fashion brands H&M, Zara and River Island and been selected as a ‘top 5 international acts’ in Australia.

The video to accompany “Lenyrose” is mesmerising. A curious tale of psychological caging and self-discovery, an office worker lives with her eyes closed until she opens the box in which her potential lies. The cinematography is gorgeous and mirrors the song perfectly.

Dorine Levy debut LP ‘Underwater’ is out now.
Post by T.R. Wicks


Jul 21 2014

SKYROADS Release New Double A-side Single

skyroads band image

Fresh from their first ever UK tour, SKYROADS released their disco infused double A-side single “1,2 Steps/ Beyond The Doors” and it proves these boys and gal have a great future ahead of them.

The Tel Aviv based 5-piece channel the spirit of Nile Rodgers through the funk bass backbone of “Beyond The Doors” whilst twinkling synths give a fizzing zest to the dancy track.

1,2 Steps” begins with yet another irresistible bassline built upon with a great sense of restless urgency before the joyous chorus rids the band of all the angst allowing for a free flowing synth line to lead the line to yet more dancy disco infused musicianship. Both tracks are now available on the band’s soundcloud.

Make sure you catch them this autumn when they’ll be bringing their disco rock vibes to Europe and the States.  SKYROADS were born to play live and it won’t be long until we see them across  the biggest stages and festivals.


Post by Sam



Mar 2 2014

Introducing The Kokoro

The Kokoro surfaced with this mysterious intro video said to be a taste of what’s to come. We’ve been waiting to hear more from the mysterious duo and they finally announced the launch of their new video “Broken“. We’ll be featuring that vid real soon as well because it deserves to be seen



Jan 9 2014

Cougar Microbes Albums of 2013: Adi Ulmansky – ‘Hurricane Girl’ EP

Adi-Ulmansky-Hurricane-Girl-Albums-of-20132013 was a fantastic year for Adi Ulmansky where she seemingly could do no wrong.  Her debut mixtape ‘Shit Just Got Real’ was well received and swiftly followed up with the awesome ‘Hurricane Girl‘ EP.  the Israeli singer/rapper/producer lined up shows in the UK, appearances at Milan Fashion Week 2013 as well as finally playing for US audiences at both Culture Collide Festival in LA and CMJ Music Marathon in New York.

The usual hyperbole accompanying an artist’s sophomore release is the classic copy/paste line “shows more focus than previous work”. In Ulmansky’s case it’s the very scattered nature of her music, and by extension Adi herself, that makes this package so irresistible managing to sound utterly menacing one moment and authentically lovelorn the next often within the space of one track. Check out her “Work It” video if you need more proof.

Hurricane Girl’ channels everyone from Die Antwoord’s Yolandi Visser, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and even MIA but the big difference is Ulmansky handles production duties herself directly overseeing her infectious mix of apocalyptic samples, machine gun raps and saccharine vocals.

The pocket-sized manga princess efforts are not going unnoticed either with a shoutout from the talented Earl Sweatshirt’s, of Odd Future fame, who guaranteed her appreciation for him was completely mutual.

Keep your eyes on Adi Ulmansky in 2014 as she bring her fierce one-woman-show to the next level.

Cougar Microbes Top Albums of 2013