Apr 9 2014

Brooklyn’s Inky Jack drop “Freedom” single

inkyjackfreedom Brooklyns Inky Jack drop Freedom single

The Brooklyn beat madhouse that is Inky Jack just dropped a new track, “Freedom“.

This is the first taste from their new EP ‘Infrared‘, coming out in June, and if last year’s self titled release is anything to go by it’s going to be pretty special.

Mixing everything from dub and reggae to synth and rock, the Inky Jack boys put on quite a show. We’ll be keeping an eye out for upcoming tours and more goodies from this duo.


doublecougar Brooklyns Inky Jack drop Freedom single

Jan 9 2014

Cougar Microbes Top Albums of 2013: Run The Jewels – ‘Run The Jewels’

Run The Jewels Run The Jewels albums of 2013 Cougar Microbes Top Albums of 2013: Run The Jewels   Run The Jewels

When El-P and Killer Mike combine there is very little than they can do wrong. The eponymous ‘Run The Jewels‘ album was released for free online and seemed like the total antithesis to the previous year’s big Kanye/Jay-Z‘s ‘Watch The Throne‘ collab  proving that if you had any hip-hop aspirations you should have probably sat 2013 out. Case in hand the video for their ‘A Christmas Fucking Miracle.

In a year that saw high profile releases from Kanye, Jay-Z, J. Cole, Drake, Earl, & Tyler & more, it’s El-P & Killer Mike who outclassed them. 10 Tracks of straight bangers, each one as lively as the last, filled with tough-talk, brash call outs of the status quo, and beats that make me have to give hip hop producer of the year honors to El-P for the second straight year“. – Daniel Benny

20140107 034257 Cougar Microbes Top Albums of 2013: Run The Jewels   Run The Jewels


doublecougar Cougar Microbes Top Albums of 2013: Run The Jewels   Run The Jewels

Dec 25 2013

Merry Christmas from Run The Jewels and Cougar Microbes

The epic combination of El-P and Killer Mike dropped what was undoubtedly one of the hip-hop releases of the year with their eponymous ‘Run The Jewels‘ album.

The duo drop some fearsome lines on what is already a tense beat in the new video for “A Christmas Fucking Miracle” released just in time for the holidays and complete with seasonal sweatshirts, Scrooge references and a slightly creepy Killer Mike as Santa Claus.

Wishing you all happy (fucking) holidays whatever you celebrate.

Run The Jewels‘ is available now for free via Fools Gold.


doublecougar Merry Christmas from Run The Jewels and Cougar Microbes

Dec 4 2013

CMJ Music Marathon 2013: Day 3 (Torres, Birth Of Joy, Ava Luna, WET)

cmj music marathon banner CMJ Music Marathon 2013: Day 3 (Torres, Birth Of Joy, Ava Luna, WET)

Now into its 3rd decade of existence CMJ Music Marathon has earned a reputation for picking largely unknown acts and ushering them towards imminent success. With 1400 acts playing across 80+ venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn there really is something for everybody.

Here are our personal highlights:

Torres | Pete’s Candy Store

Torres live at 2013 CMJ Music Marathon 2013: Day 3 (Torres, Birth Of Joy, Ava Luna, WET)
Pete’s Candy Store‘s train carriage performance space is an unusual venue to say the least but to catch a part of Torres‘, AKA Mackenzie Scott, set I was more than willing to put up with it. Flanked on the small stage solely by her drummer The Nashville-based 22-year-old’s singer/songwriter managed to maintain the stripped down qualities that made her self-titled debut so endearing while managing to inject some much needed live energy too. Scott‘s harrowing vocals are the real attraction here conveying sentiments and feelings that are far more insightful than anyone at her age should be feeling let alone expressing. The crowd reacts with a hushed reverence occasionally pierced by polite applause and the overwhelming feeling is that Torres has hypnotised us all. Whatever she is doing I hope it continues.

Birth Of Joy | Knitting Factory

Birth Of Joy live CMJ CMJ Music Marathon 2013: Day 3 (Torres, Birth Of Joy, Ava Luna, WET)

Fresh from a whirlwind tour that has seen them hit Culture Collide in Los Angeles Birth Of Joy are the kind of band whose music it is impossible not to nod your head along to. The Dutch  power trio bring to mind power bands of the 60’s and 70s bringing to mind a collision between the MC5s and The Doors. A shirtless Kevin Stunneberg nails every note he sings without missing a beat all while shredding his guitar and offering riff upon riff all like the best of them. His bandmates are no less proficient with the organ playing it’s part and the enthusiastic drumming offering a heartbeat to proceedings. They end the show sweaty and satsified safe in the knowledge that a few more people have been converted to the Birth Of Joy cause.

Ava Luna – Muchmores

Ava Luna live CMJ CMJ Music Marathon 2013: Day 3 (Torres, Birth Of Joy, Ava Luna, WET)
Venturing over to Muchmores as much for the pre-announced free beer as to get away from some pretentious act that just hit the stage we were in for a pleasant surprise in the form of Ava Luna. It’s really hard to pigeonhole this Brooklyn 5-piece’s sound when I’m not even sure the guys and gals themselves know what kind of band they want to be. They alternate between high tempo angular garage, shoegazy and retro-soul within their set altering vocalist accordingly. They’re still a little rough around the edges but there’s plenty to look forward to in the future.

WET | Santos

WET live at CMJ CMJ Music Marathon 2013: Day 3 (Torres, Birth Of Joy, Ava Luna, WET)
For such talented people creating beautiful dreampop beats, displayed brilliantly on “U Da Best,” it was disappointing to see what little movement there was between WET‘s three band members. Perhaps too new to the performance game, it seemed this trio was simply standing on a stage only focused on playing their instruments as though there was no audience to entertain. Their harmonies worked well, with the two men backing the solo lead female, and their sound was still exciting and different – I just wished they showed the heartbreaking emotion of some of the songs they were singing. I still have confidence that with all this room for growth, they may stun me at their next show with their presumably longer set list.


doublecougar CMJ Music Marathon 2013: Day 3 (Torres, Birth Of Joy, Ava Luna, WET)

Dec 4 2013

The Reflektors (aka Arcade Fire) live @ 299 Meserole, Brooklyn

arcadefire The Reflektors (aka Arcade Fire) live @ 299 Meserole, Brooklyn

Secret shows are always a little more special than regular ones, but when Arcade Fire secretly demands that you show up in your finest costume and/or formal attire, you obey valiantly and dive into the what is sure to be the best night ever. While waiting in a line a mile long with bunny rabbits, prom queens, robots and the like, the eager dressed up fans buzzed about everything from the potential repeat stage fake-out from the previous night’s show to rumors of celebrity appearances (à la the post-SNL Arcade Fire Live Special.)

Upon entry into the spacious warehouse of 299 Meserole, a light was shining onto the only visible stage with a rotating “The Reflektors” immediately debunking the theory of another stage fake-out. Impatient fans packed themselves in like sardines while tunes by Marvin Gaye, The Killers, and Elvis Costello played through the speakers to placate the crowd. Suddenly, the music cut out with an introduction from a curtain-shielded Pat Mahoney. Then, the curtains dramatically dropped to reveal Arcade Fire clad in their matching white suits and chanteuse Regine in her typical heavily sequined dress. They kicked off the night with first single “Reflektor,” sparking a frenzy as soon as the first chord was struck.

arcadefire2 The Reflektors (aka Arcade Fire) live @ 299 Meserole, Brooklyn

Centering the entire evening around their new album (and new alias) The Reflektors, Arcade Fire played 9 new songs off an album that was mostly unheard at the time. With tracks that were scattered throughout the large spectrum that is the genre of rock, many influences could be heard within the songs. Most notably, “We Exist” held the similar flair, funk, and bass line of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean“. No one seemed to mind while they got their groove on to the 80’s sounding tune.

Naturally, the show was peppered with lengthy songs that came fairly close to the seven minute mark, but the attitude and energy level of the entire venue never dipped below ecstatic. Of the new tracks, the most upbeat was easily “Afterlife,” with it’s memorable chorus “Can we work it out? If we scream and shout?” it was the perfect lead in for “Power Out” which made the crowd – myself included – go absolutely batty (and of course, scream and shout.)

The final crowd-pleaser and encore for the night, “Haiti” left long-standing fans whistling along and overwhelmingly delighted to have been part of such an intimate evening with their favorite Canadian septet.
First post by the wonderful Jabes/ Twitter: @JabestEver


doublecougar The Reflektors (aka Arcade Fire) live @ 299 Meserole, Brooklyn

Oct 1 2013

Cougar Microbes heads to CMJ Music Marathon 2013 (Oct. 15-19)

NeonIndian WebsterHall 11 10 21 Maverick Inman 05 Cougar Microbes heads to CMJ Music Marathon 2013 (Oct. 15 19)

Cougar Microbes is excited to be headed back Stateside later this month to attend New York City‘s legendary CMJ Music Marathon.

Now in it’s remarkable 33rd (!) year the urban festival shows no sign of slowing down with some 1400 acts scheduled to play this year across more than 80 of the Manhattan and Brooklyn‘s greatest venues. Additionally the event will also bring together some of the industries leading names for some daytime panels that are guaranteed to shake your understanding of the business.

With a track record for making and breaking some of the artists we’ve loved and written about over the years CMJ Music Marathon is truly a platform for new music to shine. With so much talent due to perform it’s almost impossible to pick a highlight but we can’t wait to catch YOUR next favourite band in the world before they become just that.

Full coverage will follow on these pages so stat tuned.


doublecougar Cougar Microbes heads to CMJ Music Marathon 2013 (Oct. 15 19)

Aug 24 2013

Weekend Videos: Sensual Harassment – “Capri Suntan”

With the end of summer fast approaching it will soon be time for us pack away our bathing suits, sunscreen lotion, summer flings and sunglasses.

Brooklyn based Sensual Harassment are doing their damned best to keep these memories alive with their “Epic Hawaiian Hipster Love Story in 1965” “Capri Suntan” from the excellent ‘Escape From Alpha Draconis‘ EP.

The EP is available for free here so there is no real reason for you not to own it. This week we will be posting the full review we’ve been simmering on for several months.


doublecougar Weekend Videos: Sensual Harassment   Capri Suntan

Jun 15 2012

Yeasayer release “Henrietta” in buildup to ‘Fragrant World’ album

 Yeasayer release Henrietta in buildup to Fragrant World album
On August 20, 2012 Yeasayer will return to center stage with ‘Fragrant World‘, their much anticipated followup to 2010’s gorgeous ‘Odd Blood‘. The album promises to be weirder and darker than the pop-centric approach we last heard from the Brooklynites.

As a first public offering from the upcoming record “Henrietta” starts as a swirling soundscape grounded by a relentless electronic beat. Initially the track is authoritative, beginning strong and slowly devolving into a breakdown. As the track slides into its second act, a dreamy synth keeps the listener connected to the rhythm as Chris Keating sings the mantra “oh Henrietta, we can live on forever”. In its third act “Henrietta” has been built back into a strong piece of indie electronica until it is classically concluded with a fade-out.

Yeasayer will begin their International summer tour in Virginia with stops in places like Vienna, Norfolk and Nashville. A full UK tour has been announced for September. You don’t want to miss this!

Post by Cole


Yeasayer – “Henrietta”

badge itunes lrg Yeasayer release Henrietta in buildup to Fragrant World album

doublecougar Yeasayer release Henrietta in buildup to Fragrant World album