Apr 14 2013

Weekend Videos: Daft Punk – “Get Lucky” (Feat. Pharrell)

As reported by our friends over at Fried My Little Brain (as well as pretty much everyone else with an internet connection) Daft Punk dropped a couple of teasers on us both on SNL as well as during their Coachella set.

the robotic French duo are revealing just enough to keep us all on edge without actually showing their cards yet. Still, interest in ‘Random Access Memories‘ continues to reach new heights as guest spots by the likes of Pharrell, Julian Casablancas, Nile Rodgers, Panda Bear and Giorgio Moroder (!!!) have been revealed.

Random Access Memories‘ is out in May… we want it now!


Daft Punk




Dec 18 2012

Little People releases ‘We Are But Hunks Of Wood’


Last year we interviewed Little People, AKA Laurent Clerc, hot on the heals of a fantastic Los Angeles performance with an audience eagerly awaiting his every tune. With his last album ‘Mickey Mouse Operation‘ having been released back in 2006 there a great air of anticipation into what the musician/producer would do next.

It’s taken a little longer than expected but last month’s follow up ‘We Are But Hunks Of Wood‘ doesn’t betray expectations. Clerc‘s downtempo mastery is very much still on display but this time round he seemingly has more artillery at his disposal. While not forgoing the unmissable piano melodies that so much of ‘Mickey Mouse Operation’ was built on this new album seems to be leap forward in instrumentation and timing.

We Are But Hunks Of Food‘ works as a complete album because each track offers plenty of highlights without ever outlasting it’s welcome. the introduction of strings and chimes on several tracks is a real statement of intent allowing for dramatic mood changes and elegant shifts in dynamics. Clerc‘s love for hip-hop can not be ignored either as his beats are meticulously crafted to perfectly complement the rest of his output.

Little People has succeeded in producing an electro album that is not restricted to this genre tag and does not necessarily coform to what is going on with the musical landscape in 2012. ‘We Are But Hunks Of Wood‘ is an album you can listen to in a crowd or alone. Satisfaction guaranteed.


We Are But Hunks of Wood - Little People


Dec 3 2010

Introducing End Of Level Baddie

Action Man head:Detached End of Level Baddie is an upcoming electro producer whose work is an eclectic mix of vintage synths, retro samples, broken beats and saturated bass lines.

The self titled track ‘e.n.d.o.f.l.e.v.e.l.b.a.d.d.i.e’ is a basement break beat masterpiece. It kicks off with old skool style initialing then slopes into a sly sample of TLC before being beefed out with heavy baselines and  klaxon sounds.

Elsewhere, ‘What? More Wobble’ has a more rustic feel, heavy digital drums and bleeps to build on an aggressive and predictable bassline which almost treads into Stanton Warrior territory. There’s also sections of this track that set early dub step alarms ringing with a quasi Mr Oizo sound.

In contrast ‘Oww! Feel So Alive’ is a disjointed electro number and the lightest of the lot, but yet still contains a smorgasbord of sound effects to confuse you senseless.

There are times when you may feel there is some repetition in these overtly compact mixes. However, the fearless cross- pollination of genres that the Hull based producer has combined have left him with an impressive sound that is likely to provide him with a future of dance finery. Just check out his performances from Reading and Leeds festival for confirmation.


Post by Ruby the high flyer.



Nov 4 2010

Introducing Wing Commander

Having just featured their remix of Error Operator it is only right we give UK duo Wing Commander their own space. Olly Coffey and Will Wilkojc have been making music together for some time and this is their latest collaboration.

The minimal approach displayed in their music should not be mistaken for one-dimensional. Rather, they craft delicate musical landscapes with layers upon layers of instrumentals that sweep you away with captivating hooks and occasional well placed vocals.

Additionally, they’re starting to make a name for themselves as quality remixers too as can be seen by their recently released take on Morning Parade’s ‘Under The Stars’.

Wing Commander to the rescue.


Wing Commander

Sep 16 2010

Mondkopf releases Deaf House EP

French producer and remix artist Mondkopf, has turned over to the dark side with a minimal strain of ambient electronica that displays anunderlying complexity bordering on the cinematic.

The first two tracks on the EP are by far the most accessible; ‘Deaf House’ has an almost techno feel to it with aggressive baselines and dance synths which could rival established contemporaries such as Moderat. ‘Werewolf’ takes in down a notch and sees dance melodies replaced with hushed sirens and twisted warps; imagine Aphex Twins writing as if on death row.

Before you think it can’t get any lower, tracks ‘Legacy’ and ‘Eclipse’ launch into new realms of obscurity, pulses are reduced to below heart rate and the listened falls into to electronic paralysis.

This EP is more introspective and sinister than Modopkf’s earlier work so don’t expect to be hitting the dancefloor with it but if you want to indulge your darkest hour this may be your poison.


Post by the bombastic Ruby




Sep 2 2010

Introducing Schaatz

Schaatz‘s purported backstory is so far-fetched that it deserves to be posted in full here:

“We are a french duo based in Paris, they grew up in a german hippie community in Grasse on French Riviera where they lived many love stories with several german naturist ladies, sadly the ladies left France when they had to get back on Germany to study something serious. Convinced than love is something serious to study, Mat and Tonio of Schaatz have lived for many years alone in the mountains of Alps and founded Schaatz“.

We have not yet decided if we are going to take the above statement at face value but what we do know is that, whether they are producing their own mixes or remixing other, we like Schaatz.


Jan 19 2010

STS9: Ad Explorata, Forward into the Unexplored

sts9Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) perfected their approach to mixing electronica and live band feel on their latest effort ‘Ad Explorata’, released last month.

Inspired by secret Cold War era radio transmissions and an alleged secret military plan to gather information on other civilizations, these are future sounds played with great self-assurance. STS9 manage to somehow sound both vaguely optimistic and apocalyptic at the same time.

with a string of US dates planned for February and March you really should catch their singular delivery


STS9 - Ad Explorata

Stream the album here


Jan 7 2010

#02 Cougar Microbes Top Albums of 2009: Birdy Nam Nam – Manual For Successful Rioting

birdynamnamAny other year and the superbly titled ‘Manual For Successful Rioting’ would have easily been the runaway winner for Cougar Microbes album of the year. I witnessed Birdy Nam Nam delight a partizan Parisian home crowd when they closed the second day of Rock En Seine back in August and was blown away.

There was a risk that on record the French turntablist crew’s would effectively be competing for who could pull the biggest/maddest  technical trick at the possible expense of the dynamics and energy displayed live. Fortunately their January 2009 release exceeded even my expectations.

Crazy-B, DJ Pone, DJ Need, and Little Mike handpicked and moulded a unique set of samples through their original turntable set-up. The soaring dynamics they manage to produce draw parallels with a band lineup with each of the four DJ’s taking centre stage and dropping to the background accordingly. Over eleven tracks they deliver a masterclass in electro placing themselves easily in the same league as their better known friends Justice.

Grab that manual and learn it inside out because as soon as Birdy Nam Nam hit our shores you’d better be ready to riot.


Birdy Nam Nam – The Parachute Ending

Birdy Nam Nam - Manual for Successful Rioting

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