Jun 28 2011

Björk releases first glimpse of Michel Gondry/Apple Collaboration project ‘Biophilia’

Having just featured Björk‘s video for Jóga, whilst pouring accolades on both the Michel Gondry helmed clip and Sasha Raskin remix treatment, it is quite fitting that today is the first day we hear a snippet of her upcoming “app album” ‘Biophilia’.

Four years since the release of ‘Volta‘ and Björk‘ remains as cutting edge as ever. Due out in September, ‘Biophilia’ is billed as a collaboration with Apple boasting a whole new level of packaging and marketing.

Perennial collaborator Gondry is at the helm of this multimedia endeavour which will see applications and videos released into the project for fans to get their teeth into. Of course, old school listeners will also be able to get the album in the more traditional mp3 and CD format (and I never thought I’d be referring to the mp3 as a “traditional” format but that is the world we are living in)

Enjoy ‘Crystalline‘ (also streamable on Hype Machine here), the first glimpse of what to expect from ‘Biophilia’, I’m excited.



Jun 26 2011

Weekend Videos: Björk – Jóga (Sasha Raskin Remix)

We have featured Michel Gondry and his work for Weekend Videos in the past but seems we just can’t get enough.

Fortunately Jerusalem-based producer/musician Sasha Raskin has given us an excuse to post the video with his fittingly beautiful remix of Björk‘s ‘Jóga‘. He reduced the intensity of the original even further putting the Icelandic songstress firmly in the spotlight over a delicate electronic heartbeat and some well placed strings and beeps.