Feb 22 2014

Weekend Videos: Kiesza – “Hideaway”

A friend recently turned me on to Canadian singer/songwriter Kiesza.  Her one take video shot in NYC for the single “Hideaway” is a joy to watch . I’ve had it on loop trying to pick up on everything that is going on behind her.

The early 90′s  tinged electro-pop acts as the perfect platform for her vocals to soar. Looking forward to more from this talent!

Hideaway” drops in March via Lokal Legend.


doublecougar Weekend Videos: Kiesza   Hideaway

Dec 22 2013

Weekend Videos: Adi Ulmansky – “Work It”

Adi Ulmansky‘s videos are always something to look forward to; this week she unveiled more proof that she may not actually be from earth. The video for “Work It” , created by Danna Windsor, sees the manga princess ready to conquer another planet and on her current form she is on her way to conquer our own very soon.

This is just one of the standout tracks on this summer’s excellent ‘Hurricane Girl‘ EP which saw our heroine propel herself to new heights.


doublecougar Weekend Videos: Adi Ulmansky   Work It



Dec 12 2013

Weekend Videos: Lorde – “Team”

It has been a phenomenal year for Kiwi teen sensation Lorde. Her debut album ‘Pure Heroine‘ shot to the top of the charts upon release with her particular brand of electropop containing more longevity (and crucially more heart) than Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and the likes. People are definitely taking notice as evidenced by the fact that the Vevo website crashed when Lorde dropped her video for “Team” earlier this week. This is a welcomed return for teenage pop with a little bit of weight. TRACKS: doublecougar Weekend Videos: Lorde   Team

Dec 8 2013

Weekend Videos: Roo Panes – Home From Home

Last week we featured the video “Open Road by the poetic dreamer Roo Panes, this week we will be going to see his EP launch in Bush Hall, London. Cougar Microbes have been eagerly awaiting more of the guitar work tightly bound around much-thought-over lyrics and we got a glimpse of his new work when he release the video for “Home From Home” which is included in the new ‘Land of the Living’ EP.

Post by Sam


doublecougar Weekend Videos: Roo Panes   Home From Home

Dec 1 2013

Weekend Videos: Kosha Dillz – “Where My Homies Be” (Feat. Gangsta Boo and Murs)

I think it’s fair to say I can count my favorite Jewish rappers on one hand (with three of those digits taken up by the Beastie Boys). Kosha Dillz may force me to rethink that list or begin counting on my other hand.

Having dropped his brilliantly titled ‘Awkward In A Good Way‘ album last month the New Jersey born MC has kept up his impressive work ethic remaining fiercely independent while bagging several big gigs over on both coasts. The guy  seemingly never takes a night off and at the time of writing he announced a set of December dates in support of Matisyahu with whom he had toured Israel earlier in the year.

While Kosha Dillz is evidently proud of his heritage (it’s in the name!) I’m starting to feel like that billing him as “The Jewish Rapper” is a little restrictive. “The Hardest Working Man In Hip Hop” is much more fitting.



doublecougar Weekend Videos: Kosha Dillz   Where My Homies Be (Feat. Gangsta Boo and Murs)

Dec 1 2013

Weekend Videos: Roo Panes – “Open Road

In Roo Panes‘ aptly titled music video “Open Road”, some of his close friends decided to take a tuk tuk around the world. Throughout the perma-sunshine which only exists when you are constantly chasing the horizon, the joyous faces they see on their travels compliment the wonderful anthemic, optimistic soundtrack.

This video was released seven months ago yet the intrepid explorers continued their travels much further to the extent where just last week they passed the world record for ‘the longest journey around the world in a tuk tuk’ albeit having to push their motorised vehicle for 70 km through Peru to achieve the record. The grand mission of their goal, which has taken them through 37 countries and over 23000 miles, is to raise money for children in poverty and to promote development through education. To be officially awarded the record they must make it to Rio de Janeiro.

Closer to their original home, Roo Panes will be releasing his new EP ‘Land of the Living’ on December the 2nd which is one that Cougar are certainly looking forward to.

Post by Sam



doublecougar Weekend Videos: Roo Panes   Open Road

Nov 30 2013

Weekend Videos: The Thermals – “The Sunset”

The Thermals have been consistently plugging away ever since their 2003 debut album. The trio released their sixth studio album ‘Desperate Ground‘ earlier this year.

Having made the move over to the awesome Saddle Creek the Portland natives hasn’t sacrificed any of the intensity or catchiness that has become synonymous with the band’s music. It comes as little surprise that, over the top of this deceptifully melodic apocalyptic sound, frontman Hutch Harris continues to advocate just why humanity is still fucked.

The Thermals head out for a 8 day jaunt across Florida this December along with Cougar-approved Beach Day. Click here for tickets.


doublecougar Weekend Videos: The Thermals   The Sunset

Oct 28 2013

Weekend Videos: Klingande – “Jubel”

As leaves begin falling off trees and collecting underneath feet, there will be many people reluctantly accepting the declining temperature whilst longing for ‘just one more festival’. Klingande, 2 French students, responsible for the dance anthem which permeated my whole summer have recently released a video to accompany it.

The beauty of “Jubel” is in the continual nods towards feathers, which aptly symbolise the aesthetic fragility of the last days of summer. Making the most of the chance to explore, the friends adventure around fields, woodland and coast with such infectious, youthful optimism that it’s clear the changing of the seasons may take the long summer nights but won’t take their memories.

It is impossible not to smile when watching this video, if not by it prompting reminiscing of the summer just passed, then by the invoking pre-emptive nostalgia for next summer. So kick through the leaves on the pavement, and take one step closer to next summer, which will be full of new friends, places and memories. And the best thing: it’s only 8 months away and that will fly by, right?

Post by Sam


doublecougar Weekend Videos: Klingande – Jubel