My time in New York ended just a little over a week ago and I miss it. London is a great city but Gotham just outdoes it

I’m slowly settling back into “normal” life is  and will be back with two posts a week on Cougar Microbes. In the meantime here are two tracks that remind me of this visit.


Nathan Asher & The Infantry – Turn Up The Faders

This song captures the alienation felt when travelling in any big city. There is a mix of opportunity and paranoia felt around and Nathan Asher’s lyrics describe this mixed emotion to chilling effect.

Leonard Cohen – First We Take Manhattan

For some reason I was constantly humming this Leonard Cohen tune whilst in the US.  All around me the kids were spontaneously writing and directing films, holding last minute fashion shoots and generally having a care free time. I sensed camaraderie between the various New Yorkers and adopted New Yorkers which was enviable. They could easily take Manhattan (and Brooklyn) and this could be their anthem