Over 25 years have passed since the release of ‘Licence To Ill‘ and the Beastie Boys still sound as exciting as ever. In today’s musical landscape their shared delivery style is almost singular and on ‘Hot Sauce Committee, Pt. 2‘ the true New York kings are as good as they have ever been.

Cougar regular Thom says ‘you’d expect the Beastie Boys to be out of touch by now but I can safely say I have not, and don’t think I will tire of their unpredictable nature. ‘Hot sauce committee part 2′ is sophisticated and balls out cool

Best still the Beasties have the power to make illustrious guests shine. There are few groups around today with as distinctive vocal styles of Mike D, Ad-Rock and MCA. The latter in particular sounds as hungry as ever following the cancer scare which practically shelved ‘Hot sauce committee pt 1‘. We are glad to have him and his partners back.


Too Many Rappers [new reactionaries version] (featuring NAS) by Beastie Boys

Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win (featuring Santigold) by Beastie Boys
Hot Sauce Committee Part Two - Beastie Boys