Beirut‘s third full length album ‘The Rip Tide‘ does not see Zach Condon divert wildly from the nostalgia tinged sounds he has offered on past efforts. Whilst introducing new ideas the bulk of this material builds on the Beirut strengths we knew and loved.

Cougar scibe Jazmin added the album to her top 10 stating: It may have been a wait 4 years since ‘The Flying Club Cup’, Beirut’s last full length outing, but on the strength of  ‘The Rip Tide’, sitting it out was more than worth it. Bursting full of beautiful brass and accordion heavy tunes, ‘Rip Tide’ manages to do exactly what Beirut’s 2006 debut ‘The Gulag Orkestar’ did so well- combine melancholy lyrics with wonderful optimistic melodies.

There was always a risk that the novelty factor of Beirut’s unique sound might wear off someday, however with consistently brilliant albums such as this, and heart stopping live shows, it doesn’t seem like that’s a risk we need to worry about anytime soon.”


Beirut – Santa Fe