Fans expecting Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros to come out with ‘Up From Below‘ part two may have been slightly underwhelmed by the band’s follow up ‘Here‘.

Whereas the band’s debut may well have represented a joyous trip culminating in a grandiose dramatic sunset desert scene this sophomore effort is more like the ensuing campfire singalong with each “character” telling his/her highlight from the journey.

It remains to be seen if this album will experience the same longevity that ‘Up From Below‘ enjoy with new listeners being picked up around the world thanks in no small part to the Superbowl featured megahit “Home”. In many ways ‘Here‘ is an escape from that phenomenon and an exploration of new territories.

Cougar writer Nicole had ‘Here‘ in her albums of the year saying The Magnetic Zeros are “again competing for best all around. With so many great tracks its hard to deny how complete this album feels, from start to finish. But right off the bat, three songs stand out amongst the rest, “Man on Fire, “That’s What’s Up“, and “Fiya Wata“.

Cougar scribe Mario added that “the 11 person strong megaband confirms its penchant for positive vibrations. Although ‘Here‘ is possibly less “indie” than its predecessor it manages to offer reliable and simple writing throughout. Check out the Cash/Carter-esque “Man On Fire” or the gospel sounding “Mayla“; Carefree and optimistic just like this crazy bohemian Californian crew.”



Here - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros