Introducing Lucille

49 Introducing Lucille

It’s been a whole while since we heard some hip hop that delivers positive vibes while remaining fiercely independent; Lucille seem to have managed just that.

Starting off as a solo project for Argentinean guitarist Izzy the band slowly grew into a veritable family; the 8-piece collective literally showing strength in numbers.

The high all round level of musicianship (particularly a horn section that sparkles stardust on everything it touches) allows for the tracks ideas to take off in multiple exciting directions. With a revolving door of talented guest female vocalists setting the tone Baltimore native MC Rebel Sun spits his confident stream of consciousness rhymes.

ind3 Introducing Lucille

Picking up from where The Roots, Jurassic 5 and Dangermouse left off and adding The Gorillaz flair for surprises and dynamic changes means that no two Lucille tracks sound exactly alike.

Following the release of their “Smokin’ Soul” EP last year the band are gearing up for the release of their first full length album due next month.

Could it be that to find the heirs to The Roots throne we were supposed to look to Tel Aviv of all places? Lucille would have you believe so.


doublecougar Introducing Lucille


  • Bridgitte Raven

    this is pretty damn good. and straight outta my newest home town. thanks for the heads up gonna look thse folks up!