This was the first Sofar show we have attended in Chicago, and having covered and attended shows globally it is always interesting to see how each cities fares in hosting and spirit.

The secret location of the living room based concert series was released just a mere date before the event. We drove over to the location early to scope out the scene. The show was located inside a beautiful Chicago warehouse turned studio space on the top floor. with a gorgeous view of the orange gleaming sunset. The room in question was an artists studio and yoga space, but for the night it was transformed into a rustic venue. Interestingly enough, the night was sponsored by Miller High Life, the famous American beer, and accompanied by cases of free beer spread throughout the scene.

When Warehouse Eyes were ready to take the stage the room was packed full with 50-60 people sitting across the floor pressed knee to knee, all brimming with anticipation of the night ahead. The duo’s custom fitted their set to fit the intimate Sofar crowd. As an electro dream pop act, it was admirable how they managed to tone down their outfit to fit a typically acoustic show. Their dreamy music filled the room with waves of love and deep human emotions, rolling with the far gazes of front woman Jennie Law the crowd fell into a trance of whimsical dreams that her and partner, Christopher Williams, brought to life through their song.

The second act of the night, Grey Lamb, continued the trend of bringing a typically non acoustic sound platform into an acoustic setting. An invigorating blend of old school hip hop and deep rooted rhymes, the group showered the audience with alternative rap and smooth percussion beats. Reminiscent of a smoothed down Macklemore with a new school vibe and old school ways, the crowd was uplifted by the emotion filled deliverance of front man David Zuccarelli‘s rhymes and the beautifully orchestrated acoustic hip hop beats.

With night upon us and the room abuzz with a warm ambiance of like mindedness, The New Schematics took the stage. This act, based out of Nashville. carried with them a deep rooted vibe that only the American south can cling to. It is easy to say that the night was based around the idea of empowerment. The New Schematics’ song “Born Without Borders” shook through the souls of every listener in the room, with the crowd ending the performance begging for an encore. Seasoned performers, with a new EP out an a few tours under the belt, the Schematics’ are sure to be held in the public eye for long. Between story driven lyrics and the crowd control skills of preachers, the New Schematics’ finished off another successful night filled with love, music, and new bonds all brought to us by the incredible Sofar Sounds.