Trenton returns with the third offering from his upcoming ‘Promised Land‘ EP. With the riveting “Don’t Hide Yourself” the Nashville artist has delivered a song that is very much of its time while simultaneously sounding timeless.

Don’t Hide Yourself” takes the iconic elements of U2‘s 90’s output and has it colliding headfirst with the more modern sensibilities of the likes of The Neighbourhood to produce a unique proposition. The track glides from one verse relying on an atmospheric build up that delivers you to the elating chorus at just the right time. As the instrumental track builds the vocals live up to expectations sounding stellar throughout.

Trenton says of the track:

This song is a result of looking inward and being honest with myself over the past year or so… coming to the realization that there’s somehow always beauty and purpose in the pain that we experience if we face it head-on… I think people tend to carry around a heaviness from their past that they either ignore completely, or create an identity for themselves out of; both are toxic ways to live. Having an extensive season of solitude made it impossible for me to hide from myself.”

Promised Land‘ EP is out now.