Being a sucker for anything Scandinavian, I naturally fell in love with this exquisite piece of Folk-Pop by Danish band MALMØ. “You” is their first UK single taken from her debut album “We Come From The Stars” and was recently released via Integrity Records.

Just like fellow Danish female singer-songwriters Agnes Obel and Oh Land, Maria Malmø’s music tells enchanting stories and Is haunted by that delicate, pure almost fragile sound that unfailingly manages to touch my soul (and yes, sometimes brings me to tears).

In MALMØ‘s case, this is actually intended. She describes her music as a means to touch people’s inner core and as an art form to inspire good in people… A true moment of tenderness in this not so tender world…

Ethereal is the first word that comes to mind when you listen to “You”. Maria’s vocals are pure, celestial, with a hint of innocent bliss. I particularly appreciate the softness of the drums, which mimic the sound of leaves on a windy day. The instrumentals all perfectly blend together to give birth to a unique and mesmerising sound, her musical identity.